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    While Lost Ark has been out for a while, many players aren’t familiar with a lot of it. Of these, cards are one of the most overlooked things in Lost Ark’s gear endgame. In fact, if you create a deck of cards, you can get a lot of bonus stats and damage from it.

    Each card has five levels, and it is also called the Awakening Level of the card. As you level up the cards, the value of a particular Card Set increases. If your set level reaches a certain threshold, you will receive additional set bonuses. Therefore, you should strive to upgrade each card to the highest level.

    If you want to upgrade your card, you can do so via the Enhance submenu in the Card Deck interface. First of all, you need to enter the input card XP or duplicate cards to increase its XP gauge, so as to achieve the effect of upgrading. When a card’s XP gauge reaches its maximum value, you can feed a copy of the same card to achieve an awakening effect. This is similar to your character level, the higher your Awakening Level, the higher the card’s XP threshold.

    So if you want to upgrade your cards faster, in addition to a lot of XP, you also need a lot of Lost Ark Gold, both of which are indispensable. Therefore, players need to spend a lot of time on upgrading cards, just like upgrading characters. But if you can get a deck of high-level cards, the rewards it brings you are very tempting.

    However, in the game, you can’t use shortcuts to get XP to level up faster, but you can use shortcuts to get more Lost Ark Gold. You don’t need to spend a lot of time farming Lost Ark Gold in the game, just find a reliable Lost Ark Gold seller. You can get them faster by spending some money. is a good option, they sell Lost Ark Gold for much cheaper, for the same amount of Lost Ark Gold you need less than what you would spend with other sellers. If you have any questions during the transaction, they will also have professional customer service to answer you patiently. You can try it!

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